The Uptime Process.

Increasing uptime. We’ve got it down to a science. And a process.

They say nobody can plan for a software glitch. Or a sudden usage spike across the network. Or unexpected low cash levels in an ATM machine. We say, “Obviously, ‘they’ don’t have a very good uptime process.”

At ATM USA, the Uptime Process is critical to keeping your ATM machines up and running. The Uptime Process is broken into four critical stages.

The Assessment Process.
Inside stage one a team of ATM USA specialists consult with you about your needs. These industry experts have spent years in the field working with huge volumes of data and managing accounts.

Leveraging tools like the Uptime Service Console and time-proven experience, they’re ready and waiting to work with you. Assessments are made around high foot traffic areas, data is gathered around potential usage needs and security vulnerabilities are analyzed. And that’s just the beginning.

The Planning Process.
Is it better for you to lease or buy? Do you need signage to increase visibility? Taking every phase of the assessment process into account, your team of ATM USA specialists recommend a plan. Service levels are considered and agreed upon. The plan will always include ways to maximize uptime.

The Placement Process.
ATMs in custom cabinet housing or bolted securely in an area. The best laid plans can go astray because of a poor start. Setup and placement can be critical to uptime. If things aren’t done right during placement, the best monitoring and maintenance process will do nothing.

There are all kinds of ways ATM USA can help get you started, from turnkey services and placement services to remote software startups and Uptime Helpdesk assistance.

The Maintenance Process.
The Uptime Service Console is at the heart of the maintenance process. It’s your secret weapon for exceptional uptime numbers. From the console, a team of ATM USA experts monitors cash levels, usage levels, and transaction traffic. And more.

This data helps your ATM USA team find, isolate, identify and fix problems before you or your customers even know there’s a problem. Uptime is really everything.

Put the Uptime Process to work for your organization. Talk to ATM USA today.

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