Financial Institution Products and Technologies. Otherwise known as investment in uptime.

To keep bank and credit union customers satisfied, ATM uptime, cutting-edge software, the latest delivery technologies and precision-crafted hardware are a great place to start. That's why ATM USA is committed to offering the latest innovations and provides only the highest quality machines wholesale from top manufacturers.

Reliability and uptime go hand in hand.

You'll choose from select systems that meet standards for reliability. You'll get a processing network that is linked to virtually all regional, national and international ATM systems. That includes CO-OP®, CU24®,Star®, Plus®, Cirrus®, Accel®, Maestro®, MAC®, NYCE®, and more.

In addition, all ATM USA systems are compatible with the ATM USA Uptime Service Console. This innovative console helps find, isolate and fix ATM problems before you or your customers even know there is a problem.

Plus, you'll get ADA-compliant systems with Triple DES and encryption PIN pads, the standard for triple encrypting PIN numbers and a requirement to meet current network regulations. All of this makes our machines just as safe for your customers to use as your own machines are.

Unplanned downtime can cost you more than profits.

Unhappy bank and credit union customers don't care that even the most exceptional ATM products can go down unexpectedly sometimes. Get them up again fast. Start with ATM USA.

ATM USA partners with expert repairmen and maintenance specialists and offers quality ATM parts in all 50 states. And they're standing by to help get your ATM machines up and running again fast. Even if you purchased your ATMs from another vendor.

ATMs are serviced on site at your convenience. Depending on your service level agreement, response times to a call can be as fast as two hours.

Fix it up. Get up.

Quality service every time, on time is almost as important as uptime. Get 24-hour, live support at 1-877-260-2931. Seven days a week. Three hundred sixty-five days a year. Every facet of uptime is critical to us. And you. Contact us now.

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