Jason Roth

Jason Roth, CFO & President

Jason graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BS in business administration. He continued his education there, receiving a master's of accounting degree in 1998, and became a licensed CPA the following year.

Jason began his professional career as a tax consultant with Deloitte & Touche, LLP, in Charlotte, NC. After several years of service there, Jason moved back to Raleigh to become the chief operating officer for US Armored, LLC. It was while working at US Armored that Jason was first exposed to the ATM industry.

Armored cars were a safe introduction.

The regional armored car company filled approximately 1,000 ATMs in North Carolina every month, and Jason learned just how crucial customer service is within every aspect of the industry. Jason also served on the Independent Armored Car Operators Association’s Board of Directors while at US Armored.

Building uptime one brick at a time.

Jason believes strongly in ATM USA’s uptime model and is constantly looking for ways to improve the company’s capabilities and breadth even more. His understanding of every facet of the industry makes him an invaluable part of the ATM USA team. If you have a thought about what we can do better, he’s always listening.

An eye toward uptime opportunities.

Since beginning at ATM USA in the spring of 2005, Jason has improved current accounting practices and has evaluated future growth opportunities. He brings fresh new perspectives and opinions in making both short- and long-term decisions regarding the current and future operations of ATM USA.

Jason now lives in Cary, NC, with his wife, 2 daughters, and son.

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Tony Mercer

Tony Mercer, Director of Operations

Since beginning at ATM USA in the spring of 2002, Tony has improved current operations practices. His areas of focus are cash management, project management, and the implementation of overall day-to-day practices to ensure the company's financial goals are met. Which helps us keep everybody up.

A master of uptime operations.

Tony brings a unique perspective and opinions in making both short- and long-term decisions regarding the current and future operations of ATM USA. His contributions to uptime are from an operations perspective. And his impact is felt by every customer with every improvement he makes.

Schooled in uptime. Literally.

Tony began his professional career working at NC State University in the University Housing Finance Office. After two years of service there, Tony started working for ATM USA, LLC, and was first exposed to the ATM industry. The rest has been a study in uptime improvement.

Tony graduated from North Carolina State University with a BS in business administration and a minor in political science.

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Sandi Muir

Sandi Muir, Director of Administration

Service. Service. Service. Sandi Muir, the Director of Administration for ATM USA, is a critical part of the ATM USA service arm. Sandi does more than just review site surveys, new contracts, and contract renewals. She makes sure that information is up and in the right hands.

The hub of uptime service.

A stickler for process, Sandi ensures that all sites are properly maintained in the ATM USA database. This is a key reason why our administrative and service departments continue to provide our customers with outstanding service. With her help, the information that keeps ATMs up is accessible and usable.

How uptime pays off.

In addition to her information hub services, Sandi manages the monthly commission process, making sure that each customer is paid according to the terms of their contract. The numbers can really add up. Sandi believes that customer service is what puts ATM USA ahead of the competition. And is a big reason why ATM USA is among the leaders in customer service satisfaction.

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Haze Lancaster

Haze Lancaster III, Owner & Founding Partner

Haze brings an expertise in customer relationship management and ATM sales and marketing to his role with ATM USA. Born and raised in North Carolina, Haze comes from a family of successful business owners who always instilled the importance of a strong work ethic. He began his business training at North Carolina State University, where he earned a BA in business management.

Later, as Haze began to work in the family business, Triangle Telephone Company, he refined his instinctive appreciation for customer service and vending technology, and committed himself to stay in a constant pursuit of the latest products to help customers. As a sales manager, Haze gained a better understanding of his customers' personal experiences in the changing market. With that knowledge, he continually searched for new ways to serve these growing businesses – and still does today.

The realization of a need.

The Lancaster family sold the business in 1998 but, in Haze's final year with the company, he realized that many of his existing customers were clamoring for someone to provide a full service ATM placement program similar to the services provided for them in the payphone business.

The culmination of a vision.

At the time very few would do turnkey programs with ATM placements and ATM leasing. Recognizing this opportunity, Haze and his partners began ATM USA. Since that time, ATM USA has become a leading ATM management company with a fierce reputation for providing excellent customer service, a legacy Haze is most proud of.

Haze remains in North Carolina with his wife and two sons, and appreciates the success they have enjoyed in the ATM management business since its start more than eleven years ago.

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Brian White

Brian White, Owner & Managing Member

Brian White, the managing member of ATM USA, handles the financial aspects of the business. Brian graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BA in political science and economics.

Brian’s financial and business sense serves ATM USA well as he ensures that the company has sufficient financial resources for its desired expansion in the world of ATM uptime. He also monitors accounts, staying on top of blips and ironing them out before they become challenges. Of course, you can count on Brian to make sure that ATM USA’s expenses are always paid in a timely manner. Always.

ATM Uptime is a logical investment.

Brian was a minor partner in the Triangle Telephone Company for almost seven years before starting ATM USA. When the telephone company was sold in 1998, it provided the necessary capital to start ATM USA, LLC, and helped it become one of the most successful ATM distributors in the business.

Today, Brian lives in NC with his wife and two young daughters and continues to seek expansion opportunities and ways for the company to build on their national presence.

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Mitch Lancaster

Mitch Lancaster, Owner & Vice President of Operations

As VP of Operations, Mitch Lancaster handles the day-to-day operations at ATM USA including ATM installs, cash loads, and ATM service work and repairs. But before enjoying his role in what is now a successful ATM business, Mitch and Haze shared the vision of a company that responds to customers’ challenges and fills the void left by other ATM distributors.

Mitch, like his brother, graduated with a bachelor’s degree from North Carolina State University and worked with his father in the pay telephone vending business. In his work with the Triangle Telephone Company, he gained experience in machine service and product research and development.

ATM Uptime is his passion.

While working in product development, Mitch recognized that the ATM business was predominantly dedicated to ATM wholesale, which did not always accommodate the business owner. At that point, he identified the need for ATM leasing and placement services to help businesses, like his pay phone customers, increase their revenues. It was this drive to serve growing businesses that led to ATM USA’s inception in January 1998.

The Uptime Service Console is his baby.

Mitch has been instrumental in the development of the Uptime Service Console. The inclusion of remote restart functions, cash level status and software monitoring devices all stem from his experience in the industry and conversations with many of ATM USA’s most important partners. And he’ll continue improving this innovation until he’s found a way to offer all ATM USA partners the holy grail. 100% ATM Uptime.

Mitch remains in North Carolina with his wife and son and appreciates the success they have enjoyed in the ATM management business since its start more than 11 years ago.

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